Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Pitiful need for attention

I used to like Madonna when I was a teenager and then in my freshman year of college she did the Like a Prayer video. Now, I confess that at that time I was not a good Catholic-- far from it but when I saw her bumping and grinding in a Catholic church and then humping a statue of St. Martin de Porres that was a watershed moment. I stopped being a mindless fan. As for this last stunt there's nothing sadder than a middle aged woman trying to act like a rebellious teen. I'll pray for the poor old thing.


Screwtape said...

Hi, this is Samizdat from Rorate Caelis

I commented on your question regarding the swishy Christ picture. In doing so, I forgot to recommend some reading, since you seem interested.

I will mention just two authors first time around.

All the works of Alice Thomas Ellis. I was just getting ready for her next novel when she had the temerity to up and die. Not only that, but the publishing house that made sure her works stayed in print, "The Common Reader," suddenly went out of business. I think that perhaps enough of her works are around to still be available in clearing houses and places like Amazon. There's always the library.

She wrote a non-novel about her "investigation" into the Vatican II mess and, while most of the book takes a Brit to really get it all, her peroration, which was published in The Latin Mass magazine, is a masterpiece (Serpent on the Rock is the title).

As for the novels, start with her first - The Sin Eater. As one critic put it, in all of her books there is a sense of "chaos and old night." She had to be good: she was canned from her columnist position with the largest Catholic Newspaper in England because she told the truth about a recently deceased Bishop of Liverpool.

Next, there's the mystery writer P.D. James. Start with a book called The Children of Men (not a mystery, as it happens). The BBC did a wonderful job with her mysteries, with a super actor named Roy Marsden as her detective, Adam Dalgliesh.

You think you have a lonely Blog site? You should see mine:

Should you drop in, be sure to read the letter from Whittaker Chambers to William F. Buckley.
Well, since I mention it, make a point to read Chambers' Witness. The late Alistair Cook of Masterpiece Theatre fame called it the greatest autobiography of the century.

In reference to your own autobiographical note, you may certainly thank God that you were given the grace, as it were, to responded to grace.

I can thank God that I am too damned old to have been subjected to the likes of Madonna. Listen, I'm before Elvis, and you can't get much more "before" than that!

Christine said...

Oh but Dymphna, Madonna explained why she did the mock Crucifixion...didn't you know it was to draw attention to AIDS?

lol...that's her explanation!

Screwtape said...

Chris, you're after bein' a bundle of information.

I didnae ken that as a farm lad all that time I was milking a cow's AIDS.

Wonders will never cease, but I wish they wuld.

In actuality, Madonna is an over-endowed selkie. She was born of web-footed folk, wheezing in caves. (Image after Dylan Thomas.)

Hans Georg Lundahl said...


Blog introuvable

Désolé, le blog que vous cherchez n'existe pas. Cependant, le nom gulagzek est disponible et peut être enregistré !

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

@Christine, thank you for keeping up Catholic Media Review