Saturday, May 27, 2006

random thoughts on a Saturday morning

  1. I used to read the blog of the Anchoress every day but she's gone round the bend on the immigration issue so I'm done. I hate it when people get sentimental about illegal immigration. I don't care about your Italian grandfather and how he had it tough when he first arrived in New York in the 1920s. I don't want to hear anymore about your Polish great grandmother who arrived at Ellis Island with nothing but a pierogi recipe and her her pride. Enough with the sob stories! For pity's sake, forget about grandpa in this context--- he's dead. If you really think that creating a massive new underclass is a good thing for America then argue that point but don't get all gooey on me.
  2. Guerilla Apologetics looks like a pretty good book.
  3. I confess, if I had a kid who was graduating from Catholic school I'd probably cheer when his or her name was called. It's not good manners but hey, after 4 years of very expensive hell even parents deserve to let off some steam. When I graduated from Immaculate Conception there was concern that parents might actually boo the Archbishop and some of us were considering refusing to shake his hand. In the end people either sat in silence or clapped briefly after he spoke and for our principal's sake we all shook his hand.
  4. This weekend before lighting up the barbecue spare a moment to think about what Memorial day is. Millions of American men died so that we can live our soft, comfortable lives today.
  5. Fabric softener rules! After washing my new veil in it the thing actually lies down instead of standing out like the Flying warrior nun.
  6. Thinking about the priesthood? Check out Seminary Source.


Screwtape said...

Awright, dammit, if you won't visit my blog site, I'll dump this on yours - it is somewhat relevant, even though it was written over a quarter of a century ago when I was twelve years away from being a Catholic (read "Christian") of any kind - atheism still had a vestigial hold:

[please bear in mind that the blog format permits only left-of-page alignment: the poem below was written to have the lines centered]


"After such knowledge, what forgiveness? Think now
History has many cunning passages, contrived corridors
And issues, deceives with whispering ambitions,
Guides us by vanities." T.S. Eliot Gerontion

If History were a vast unfinished assemblage
of stitched, crocheted, and knitted
bits and pieces
we could poke at and peruse
Multitudinous of method
Of multifarious design
and texture
(You'll admit my metaphor
knowing how such devices serve)
As it were
A hodgepodge cloth
Hung downward from the sky
So that with endless ladder ready by
One could clamber up and down
each patch of cloth and yarn
the knit
each individual thread and strand
Noting how the patterns
colors intertwine or don't
How form portions of some larger
Or seem to be quite disconnected
So independent of the surrounding theme
As to make one wonder what is
holding things in place,
I would have the ladder spoken of
put aside
Step back a proportionate distance and gaze

Across the crazy canvas of decades but just past
one shall see the horrid stain
I do not want to look
Weaved from left to right
from black to red
(Although for that the red black right left
lose all distinction and converge
with horror
numbing the brain)
Woven by fiends in a protracted delirium

Here I'll explain:

Up there the stitchery of Holocaust
Where European Jewry met its end
If images could scream
'twould penetrate your every sleeping
While over there
By use of subtle craft
The crewelled blood of Russia's millions flows
into the crimson ribbon

Where those events emerge
The whole mad tapestry of History is
Twisted out of hanging straight
You will observe
While all below
Down to the ragged edge of yesterday
Indeed today
is full of rents and tatters
Where it manages at all to
stay together.

Oh would that I could find the magic thread
(if such there be)
Which when pulled would undo everything
I'd grab it and run into Eternity
Unraveling the demented handiwork of man
Clear back to where the end
(or, rather, the Beginning)
Between the fingertips of God.

Dymphna said...

But I can't visit your blog. When I click on your name it says there's now profile.

Screwtape said...

Rightoh, as Hooper would say.

Have corrected the situation I should have known about.

Kop-out on the observance front, as Reggie Perrin would say.

The item under the hat (see Blog) is yours truly.

My poor site is a hodgepodge, but there might be some items worth looking at from time to time. It isn't a truly full-time, humongous site like Rorate. That one certainly brings out the best and the worst.

Which reminds me: if you know "Jeff", is there any way we could get rat poison into his pablum? It ought to be easy. He hasn't been awake for years. I'm being kind. Really!

I forgot to mention a really good book by the late Alice Thomas Ellis (in fact, I think it was published posthumously), titled God Does Not Change. I think it's available from The Remnant Book Store, but not sure. I know it wasn't published by or sold through the late, lamented Common Reader book outlet.

I make up and print the monthly bulletin for the tiny (35 members) Our Lady of Fatima Mission in Salt Lake (we're not permitted to call it a parish) and this month is The Sacred Heart of Jesus. I thought you'd get a smile, since I have now to be off to try to find a picture that is neither feminine nor androgynous.