Friday, May 12, 2006

Shabby treatment for a good priest

Fr. Altier has been assigned to a nursing home. On one hand I'm happy for the patients. The end of life is a precious time and these people need all the grace, mercy and encouragement they can get. I've read Father's homilies and great things can come out of this but on the other hand, let's face it; we all know that nursing homes, hospitals and prisons are the dog house assignments. Priests typically get sent there as a punishment or because they aren't cutting the mustard in the parishes.

Fr. Altier was cast out of his parish because he didn't like the diocese sponsored sex ed program. Child abusers got to stay in their parishes and continued to abuse kids for years. Heretics are happily preaching filth from their pulpits. There are at least two well known priests who are allowed to go traipsing about the country spouting non Catholic doctrine. This is all apparently okay. So somebody explain to me why a good priest has been treated in such a shabby way.

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