Sunday, May 21, 2006

While we were sleeping

I rarely read Pat Buchanan anymore because he has this weird anti-Jew streak but I have to agree with him on this. While we were sleeping something really bad happened to this country. Maybe it started in 1973, when the devil went down to the Supreme Court and gave us Roe v. Wade as the law of the land. Maybe it started when Margaret Sanger stood up and called for birth control to "manage" human weeds. Maybe it started with Clarence Darrow.

I had no idea that DVC was the best selling book of the 21rst century and sadly, it looks like the movie is doing great business. In six months the movie itself will have been forgotten and the bookstores will disassemble those huge DVC displays. America is like that. We go from one fad to another but the fact that it made so much money means something; something horribly sad.


Screwtape said...

DVC has caused a lot of damage, but in a sense only to those who were already so damaged it hardly matters.

I had a friend of forty years standing who now refuses to speak to me because I refused to read the book. That he expected me to is what is strange. He was schooled by nuns under the auspices of Jesuits! He fell out and hates the Church, but he knows that I am a believer. Go figure!

Our priest at an SSPX Mass said that either reading the book or seeing the movie would constituted a mortal sin because of the blasphemy in the two.

A word about Buchanan. I don't think he is anti-Semitic. I think that, like Joe Sobran, he gets labeled one because he dares to criticize Israel.

I could be wrong because I have actually never read him and he's been out of the news now for some time - I don't take any publication in which he is featured. (Sobran appears regularly in Catholic Family News)

My own quibble with Buchanan is that he participates in the American political system, which is so rotten that it can't be indulged even as the lesser of evils.

Your picture of Christ on another post is superb. Where did you find it?

Screwtape said...

Post Script:

This country didn't go wrong in 1973 or 1873 or 1773, for that matter.

This country went wrong when the first Puritan stepped off at Plymouth and when the first Freemason published his first tract.

Please to read the books of Solange Hertz on the subject of American history. I've studied political history and political philosophy for a very long time and, odd as it may seem, she has a better understanding of the great god demos, albeit she seems (just seems) a little kooky at times, than any political philosopher I know, and that includes Willmoore Kendall and Eric Voegelin, two of the best who have familiarized themselves with the best, if you see what I mean.