Thursday, May 18, 2006

Prayers for my mother, mother in law and sister in law


A Very powerful Prayer To Obtain A Favor
O great passion! O deep Wounds! O Blood shed in abundance! O meekness! O God of meekness, O cruel death, have mercy on me and grant my request if it be for my salvation.

Promises Of Our Lord
"I will grant all that shall be asked of Me through the invocation of my Holy Wounds."
"With my Wounds and my Divine Heart you can obtain all."
(State your prayer request)

"Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls." ( 300 days indulgence each time this prayer is said.)
"My Jesus, pardon and mercy, by the merits of Thy Holy Wounds." (300 days indulgence each time this prayer is said.)

(With ecclesiastical approval)

Prayer is from the Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, 745 St. John's Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11216