Sunday, May 21, 2006

veil follies

Well, I went Ebay shopping again and bought two gorgeous chapel veils for church and they look dreadful on me. I mean they look so wrong that I would never wear them outside the house. Is there some company or some nice woman somewhere who is sewing up veils that don't look silly on a short woman? I already own one that is really beautiful but it is so long that I feel like I'm a little kid wearing my mommy's veil which is why I decided to get these new ones from Ebay.

I ususually wear a chapel cap but I dislike having to stop and pull out bobby pins to secure it. Ideally I'd like to have a nice soft veil that won't stand up like its been starched or fly away when I move. I want something that doesn't look dumb on a 5 foot tall woman.
Oh well. Now I need to find my digital camera so I can sell the two veils I bought this weekend because I can't return the darn things.