Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fornication can lead to some dark places

An exorcist points out that sexual sin can lead to demonic possession. I first read about this on another blog that was dismissive of the priest (it was one of those too cool for words Catholic blogs) but I think he's right. When we turn away from Jesus and embrace mortal sin we are dancing with the darkside. And who lives in the darkness of hell? Who's always waiting for an unwitthing dance partner to destroy? Demons, baby.


The Digital Hairshirt said...


I have always said, it is not belief in the Devil that gives him strength, it is not believing in him that allows him the power.

The Black Mantilla said...

The frightening thing is that most people no longer believe in him at all, even Catholics. They like that "The Devil is just a thought form" hogwash. That's how he gets 'ya.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...


Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"even Catholics. They like that 'The Devil is just a thought form' hogwash."

Are they called Catholics in English?