Sunday, August 24, 2008

a visit to the St. Anthony shrine

When my mother was in the hospital I promised St. Anthony that if he'd help her I'd visit his shrines in Ellicot City, MD and in Pittsburgh. Today Rocky and I went to the Maryland shrine. It's beautiful. The friars are very kind and the grounds are perfect for meditation. They have a small Grotto of Lourdes and while we sat there a dove and hordes of butterflies flew around us. All we could hear was the sweet sound of the bubbling spring and our own voices. The shrine is about 30 miles from Baltimore. If you are ever near that way do stop in.

Next we went to the adoration chapel of St. Louis. It was lovely as well and we were delighted to see several people besides us, adoring.

Finally, we found a place to eat and I pulled a couple of muscles getting out of the booth. I'm not sure how I managed that.


Paul Nichols said...

Hey Dymphna, I never picked up that you were a D.C.-area chick. Virginia is a big place, and Northern Virginia is like a whole 'nuther state.

I moved away, just over the line in PA, but I always call D.C. home!

Dymphna said...

Yeah, we're NoVa people but we get out to the real Virginia at every opportunity.