Saturday, August 30, 2008

Governor Palin

I was happy that John McCain picked Governor Palin for his running mate. I was pulling for her all along. She's pro-life, shoots, didn't use childbearing as an excuse to turn into a slob, eats carribou instead of worshipping them and is my kind of woman. I'm totally down with Sarah. Plus, when faced with baby with Down's Syndrome she and her husband chose to let him live. Most Americans don't. I hardly ever see a person with Down's under the age of 20 anymore. God bless her for that.

However, if the McCain/Palin team shoudl win, I worry for her family. Her husband's a fisherman. He's either going to have to give up his livelihood to come to DC with her or the family will be apart even longer than the regular fishing season. She has young kids who will have to leave beautiful Alaska and go to school in DC or VA. That might be a culture shock. And then what about her marriage. Her husband will really be forced to play second fiddle and that is rarely a good thing. I'm happy for the country but I hope it's not too big of a sacrifice for the Palins.

Having said all that, I still suspect that Obama is going to win. I've never seen people act so weird about a candidate before in my life. His supporters seem to think he's Jesus, their absent dad and dream lover all wrapped into one. God judges the nations with the leaders He allows them to have. We'll see come November. Oh and, no matter who wins, the professional race hustlers and the folks who blame whites for their miserable failed lives will hate white folks just like they did before.


Athos said...

Your description of the unbridled adoration of BHO by the hoards of his worshipers comes under the heading of "internal mediation" in René Girard's mimetic theory.

In the primitive sacred, it is the prestige given to the king/shaman who is, simultaneously (and this is weird), the "victim with the extended sentence." This means, should things turn ugly, the "observed of all observers" becomes the ultimate sacrifice.

In Christian terms, Our Lord knew why the crowds (mobs/hoards/etc.) constantly wanted to make him king; but He made his way to Jerusalem to face the Crucifixion on His terms and His timetable. The mobs welcomed Him in true Obama-esque worship at His entrance on Palm Sunday. But the SAME throngs screamed "Crucify him!" the same week.

The difference between Our Lord and BHO: the Former knew the human, fallen "funny business" of such crowd contagion, and used it knowing full well for His purposes for the salvation of the world. The latter is a personality disordered, elitist politician whose culture of death credentials are frightening, work record flimsy, and (yet) ability to ride the crowd contagion/prestige of king/shaman/victim seemingly unstoppable.

Dangerous days and very needful of prayer and chivalry.

Kit said...

"I've never seen people act so weird about a candidate before in my life. His supporters seem to think he's Jesus, their absent dad and dream lover all wrapped into one."

You've nailed that one right on the head! I am reposting this quote in your honor over on my blog.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I'm borrowing that quote in a couple of days, when I catch up on blogging, I'm SOOO behind right now.

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

eats carribou instead of worshipping them.

PERFECT LINE!!!!! I really did laugh out loud when I read this.

Hope ya don't mind, Dymph... but I'm gonna steal that line!!

God bless,

TCN said...

I wouldn't worry too much about Todd--he's been First Dude for a couple of years now, and it bothers him not one iota. All men should be so enlightened when faced with a strong successful woman. He knows he can always go back to fishing and the North Slope, but this is too important for that. I also suspect that Sarah will get one look at the DC school system and decide Todd can homeschool. Still, they could probably use our prayers.

Coffee Catholic said...

Obama rallies remind me of that old footage of Beatles concerts! IT'S SO CREEPY how everyone worships this guy! It's totally unreal and I can't believe it's happening! And what's with the Messianic images, the halos, the way Obama is treated like the Second Coming that's going to save us?? ARRRG!!!