Thursday, August 21, 2008

I love... Ioathe no particular order

I love....

  • John Wayne movies
  • Bear Grylls and Les Stroud
  • cream cheese
  • clouds of incense
  • Wagner
  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Puccini
  • Stonefly brand shoes
  • Vera Bradley bags
  • pigs
  • cows
  • big dogs
  • small dogs
  • cats-- the fluffier the better
  • the sound of cicadas in the Summer
  • the sound of crickets
  • silence in church
  • the smell of incense
  • Irish butter
  • Maria Callas
  • Phil Specter's music ( I know he's nuts but the wall of sound gets me every time)
  • Madam Bovary
  • Gone With the Wind
  • The Little Lame Prince
  • A Little Princess
  • Gymnastics
  • goats
  • ponies
  • Llamas
  • The big red oxen that they raise in Colonial Williamsburg. They slobber when they're happy!
  • Photos of Jackie Kennedy
  • lace veils
  • October mornings
  • Jamestown, Virginia
  • turkey vultures flying overhead
  • Youth Dew perfume
  • priests or cantors with strong tenor voices

I loathe...........

  • cantors who think the mass is a concert, starring them
  • network television
  • sit coms
  • people who whine about the commute to DC. (Look, we all do it. Either quit your job and move or shut up)
  • the sound of Bob Costa's voice
  • sports writers who've never played a sport
  • the sight of nun in a pants suit and a man's hair cut
  • the stench of buffalo wings
  • raisins, dates and prunes
  • being cold at night
  • a dirty bathroom
  • being kissed or hugged during the sign of peace (Dude!)
  • being forced to be social ("Would all the newcomers to the parish stand up please?"
    Uh, no Fr., I'd rather not.)


Simplex Vir said...

OK I will play too.....

I like:

the smell of fresh cut grass
watching my boys play their sports
waking up next to the most beautiful woman in the world
my dogs
a clear night in the middle of nowhere
being deep in the woods when it is snowing
beer sampling
Band of Brothers
Mel Brooks Films(I feel guilty too)

I loath:

metrosexual men
momma's boys (not the same as metrosexuals)
male hairdressers (you are either a barber or don't cut hair)
Disney Channel
The Green Movement
leather Furniture and interiors
gas fireplaces

Dymphna said...

Excellent list. But how can you loathe okra? It's the vegtable of Heaven.

K9 said...

i like:

rhodesian ridgebacks
fra angelica
ivory soap
college football
my tiny parish church with the blood red interior
orange blossom fragrance in the air
all day at the museum
woodland creatures
my husband
people laughing

i dont like

showboats in mass
"element" the car
talking heads on news programs
the ENTIRE media
flip flops (bonus hatred when worn by men)
driving behind trucks with poorly secured ladders
sloppy attire

recently on a flight to the dreaded california, a man boarded the plane and proceed to eat buffalo wings. wanna take a guess as to how rank the cabin was? flying now is about 3 levels below traveling on a greyhound bus. at least with a bus, you have the off chance of being seated next to a bluesman.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I loathe

Liturgical Abuses
wreckovated Churches
the current ICEL translation of the Mass
enviromentalism the religion
Any Bishops' Conference outside of Africa
fake nuns (non-habited)
altar girls
Fr. trying to be funny.
cult of personality
culture of death

I like
St. Thérèse
My parish
Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Peter Chanel's parish
Priests who teach the Truth
the Carmelites
and many other things.