Wednesday, August 13, 2008

out of the inferno

Well, my mother spent 5 days in the hospital. She was released on day 4 but fainted on the way to the car. She was taken back to the emergency room, we stayed there for 10 hours and then she was returned to a room. She's at home now and I just want to sleep... really sleep, not just fall unconsious from exhuastion. I can't describe how hideous it was in the waiting room. Rocky thought it looked like a scene from purgatory. I, the dramatic one of the family, thought it looked like Dante's inferno. Last night I saw people come in with stab wounds, gun shots, and the sniffles. Patients were sitting in recliners, and lying on stretchers in the halls. I have to say that the staff was kind and professional. I especially want to to thank and pray for the young doctor who helped Mama when she fainted in the elevator on the way to the car.

Her heart is fine, thank God. The night before her heart catheter test I asked St. Anthony, St. Rita, St. Jude and my three favorite girls, Therese, Bernadette and Joan for help. I told St. Anthony that if ma came through this with no heart problems I'd visit his shrine in Ellicot City, Maryland and the one it Pittsburgh. So next week I'll be hiting the road to Ellicot City. We'll have to delay the Pittsburgh pilgimage to next month.

There have been times when I wondered why I survived my ectopic rupture back in November. It dawned on me that if I'd died back then, Mama would've had to go through this alone. Thank you, God for loving us so. Thank you for your mercy.