Friday, August 08, 2008

The next time a feminist starts carrying on about how bad America is

remember this. The little Saudi Arabian girl in this photo is not playing dress up. She's not a flower girl. She's a bride. It's her wedding day. I can't find anything good to say about a culture that does this. And please don't tell me what used to happen in Europe back in 1457. That's irrelevant to this poor babe's tragedy.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

You know how sometimes you read something and you hope that this is not true, and then you read the source and it blows you away.

...So much for Muslims "respecting women" For a child to go through this is an absolute tragedy.

Then even worse to hear about the girl who married her COUSIN...

wrong on ALL levels...

Sanctus Belle said...

And I think what was typical in the middle ages was to "contract" marriage, or enter into an engagement or betrothal at young ages - this would often cement family and political alliances. Actual marriage did not typically occur until 14 but could as young as 12, and if it did, consummation was not allowed until then. Now 12 is YOUNG, but this girl depicted looks more like 5 or 6.

Dympha, I know you said not to tell you about wedding practices in the middle ages, but I just wanted to clarify that even then they did not sanction it at this tender of an age.

Lamees said...

i don't blame you for this way of thinking.. i am a 15 year old girl living in Bahrain.. i dought u guys know where that is :S.. its an island in the Persian gulf.. Google it :P ..
honestly i am offended. but i don't blame you.. you see, I'm sure its hard for you to comprehend this, but life is not that different here.

im realy sad that you guys think we life wierdly.. thats why im going to tell you more about my self..:
i live in a house not a tent! i have internet and i don't go to school on a camel.. hard to believe right? :P
i get to marry who ever i want.. shocker i know!! i have been to 7 weddings in my life.. of then only 2 were single sex.. meaning only girl... all my friends birthday party are mixed.. last week was the first time i attended a party with only girls invited... my best friend is a guy, and we love to go skating in the mall..

with this comment i wanted to expand your knowledge about the Arabian and Muslim life style.. because i know i may just be a teenager :P but i hate it when people are naive... and know nothing they are talking about!

Im sorry if this comment bothered you in any way... you can delete it if u like..

please reply to me on

thanks :D

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

From her looks, this is NOT what happened in Europe "back in 1457".

On the contrary, she would have had to wait till 12, like any other girl back then (usually).